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“Of course,” Peepoo’s mommy told him. “You can go to the birthday party and have a piece of rainbow cake. That sounds like a wonderful idea.”

“Thank you mommy. I am going to bring a piece of cake for you and daddy too.”

Waving goodbye to his mommy and daddy peepoo started running back to the rocketship. While he was running, Peepoo looked up and saw the rocketship was already getting ready to blast off and return to Earth.

“Wait for me!” Peepoo shouted out loud.

“Oh no!” said astronaut Steve. “We forgot about Peepoo.”

But it was too late. The rocketship was already taking off and he could not stop it now. All the astronauts were sad because they had forgotten about Peepoo. They waved goodbye from the rocketship.

Peepoo and Steve the Astronaut
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Peepoo the Martian • Copyright 2016 Rick Clement